Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: Books!

Many people start reading to their baby while he/she is still in the womb.  I thought that sounded like a good idea, but never ended up doing it.  I didn't really start reading to Little Man until he was about 5 or 6 months old I think...but he absolutely loves books!  At first, he mainly liked eating them...which he still does on occasion.  But, he also loves when we read to him.  I read to him before his naps and before bedtime.  I like to do funny sounds and make the reading lots of fun.  

A few of his favorites are:

Goodnight Moon (This is a must!)

Farm Animals (He loves the sounds!)

I Love You Through and Through
(This book is great for interaction while reading!)

And yes, if you begin reading the same books over and over, you will start to memorize all the words! I definitely have the above three memorized word for word!  Feel free to quiz me :)

Happy Tuesday!


Ashley said...

We haven't read Farm Animals, yet, but Lilly seems to enjoy books by Lucy Cousins, also. Another Favorite of hers is Doggies by Sandra Boynton and pretty much all of her other books.

Llama said...

Ohhhh Goodnight Moon how I love you soooo! Have you read Runaway Bunny before? That is also written by Margaret Wise Brown and is an amazing read!