Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Message

On my way back to my parent's house, after a quick trip to Party City (trying to get ready for Little Man's birthday party next Sunday...they didn't have what I needed), I saw this:

Yes, this guy was riding all around South Charlotte (I saw him about 10 times on Saturday) backwards on his handlebars!  That is some talent! (And yes, I pulled out my camera at the stoplight to snap a pic!)

Anyway, we had a great weekend with family for my Dad's birthday...more pictures to come later this week!

(Little Man was already asleep before we started celebrating)

And the message at my home church was wonderful.  Little Man sat with us through the service and did great (much to our surprise!)

The sermon was about (mis)communications...which is what a lot of us seem to have problems with in our relationships!  He told a funny story about the miscommunication about the abbreviation "W.C." It means water closet (aka bathroom) in Europe...but after researching a man thought it meant "Wesley Chapel," and invited the woman to join him for singing in his "W.C."

My husband and I definitely know that we need to work on communication with each other, but we really do try.  It's mainly over misinterpreting tone for us, or our lack of interest in each other's passions sometimes.

The main message of the pastor's sermon was about communicating with people you do not understand...the people you fear...the people who are different from you...the people you hate.

Jesus taught us to love our enemy, which can be a very hard thing to do, and to love those you fear!  It is simple to preach, but hard to carry out.  Simple, yet so important...especially today.

Something to think about....Have a great week!

Oh and I almost forgot!  While I am usually pretty boring when it comes to nail polish (I like to stick to many shades of pink...and not normally venture from my comfort zone!), I am sporting my teal toes (with a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness) for Ovarian Cancer Awareness!  Check out!

Happy Monday!


Cool Gal said...

The guy on the handlebars is nuts. An accident waiting to happen.

Glad you had a nice weekend. You look like you come from a very happy family. Baby "E" looks hilarious in the photo.

Ah, communication, yes, I definitely need to work harder on that one. Nineteen years of the same stuff sometimes gets real old and I find myself frustrated and ornery. How do you handle it when you've tried and they just don't listen (Obviously relating the communication part of the post to my mister whom I love dearly.)?

Love the toes. The ribbon was the perfect touch.

Have a great day! :)

katie said...

LOVE your toes!! And your story about communication...something I have to work on with everyone too. Your family looks so happy in the picture with your dad! I hope it was a blast. Have a great week!

Fried Pink Tomato said...

What an important message. It definitely speaks to me. I love your toes!! What a great cause. :)

Llama said...

Is that guy on the bike insane?! What the heck? Who decides one day to try and do that?!? lol!
I love your message about communication. I think it is true in any relationship...even though it is tough. If you ever find the us too!
Cute toes...amazing cause!:)

Fashion Meets Food said...

Looks like so much fun! Love your toes!


Kristin said...

I'm going to get my teal pedi this week! What shade are you rockin'?

Shannon said...

Love the toes, but more importantly the message! I can never be reminded of that enough. It's a hard thing to do at times, but it's definitely the Christian thing to do! Wish I could go to your church... sounds like great messages weekly!

mama k said...

Hey Kristin--the shade is Frenzy by Hard Candy...I got it al Wal-Mart :)