Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

I am so thankful that this sippy cup thing is going over so well!!  I was really nervous that Little Man would not want to make the switch.  The first day I tried was on Monday after breakfast.  He simply cried wailed and would not even let the sippy cup touch his mouth.  On Tuesday, he drank 4 ounces from the sippy cup at lunch and then decided he wanted the bottle.  Yesterday, it was all sippy cup!  He even laughed and had fun drinking out of his cup!  I was really nervous about the after dinner bottle...but he did great!  He drank most of his milk with dinner.  I then gave him his nightly bath, put on his pajamas, and let him drink the rest.  We read books and he slept great! 

That is one major milestone for me to check of my list. 

By the way, we are using the Dr. Brown's transition sippy cup, but we will move on to others soon, because two sippy cups is not enough to have in the house! 

Now, I need to get him to eat some table foods with different textures.  He gags on anything that is squishy or doesn't feel good to him between his fingers.  He will eat Baked Lays, Cheerios, french fries, and last night he ate some mashed potatoes.  So I guess he likes the carbs :)  Any tips on getting him to eat his veggies (not pureed!)

Hope you have a great Thursday!


Shannon said...

Oh yay! Good for you! Gillian Grace had the hardest darn time with sippies, in fact I am thinking about doing a post about it sometime we went through so many! Congrats, girl, I know it's a big milestone! And go baby W!

katie said...

WOOT WOOT for W!!!! And yay for you...such a good mom! And I have no idea how I totally missed the birthday post. I LOVE all the pictures...what a fun theme. Happy belated birthday to him! Have a great day.

KJJ Houston said...

Try ThinkBaby transitional sippy cup, they are expensive but they dont leak and Jack loves them!