Saturday, August 25, 2012

E - 9 months old

 Sweet E is 9 months old!

I wish everyone could meet her because she will melt your heart the second she smiles at you!

My husband and I are constantly saying to each other, "She is seriously the sweetest, cutest baby ever!"  I know many parents say that about their children, but... :)

She is crawling all over the place now.  She's a pro and goes really fast!

She has also been pulling to stand along the couch, train table, or pretty much any other surface that's available.  In the past week, she has started walking along while holding on as well.  This is so funny because her brother was 10 months old before he even started crawling!

She says "Mama" a lot, and has recently started saying "Dada" too!  She babbles all the time, and her brother loves when he talks to her!

She can hold up her hand to wave, and she really tries to say hey!

She has recently been trying to say, "Uh-oh," and copies me when I say, "Ah-ah-ah!" if she's getting near the fireplace or somewhere else she shouldn't be.

Whenever she hears music, she starts to click her tongue along to the beat.  She still loves to blow raspberries as well.

She is very sociable, and will let anyone hold her.  I love spending my days with her.  Her brother starts back to preschool soon, so I can't wait to enjoy some alone time with my little girl, even though she loves to be in the company of her big brother.

On the way home from open house at preschool, Little Man said, "I want to go see E!"  He missed her after just one short hour.  Whenever she wakes from her naps, he runs straight to her room and climbs in her crib, and they'll play together for awhile.  

I hope their sibling love stays strong forever!

We love you Sweet E!

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