Sunday, August 19, 2012

W - 2 years, 11 month

 We are officially one month away from the big 3! 

One thing about our little man is that he has always been very good at enunciating his words.  I was trying to think of some of the cute things that he says that aren't exactly correct, and there aren't too many to name.

One is "funder!"  He fortunately isn't scared of thunderstorms, and whenever he hears thunder, he runs to the window, and says, "Do you hear that funder?!"  So sweet.

When I wasn't feeling well earlier this month, Little Man said, "I'm gon feel you better Mama!" It was so sweet, and he rubbed my arms and tummy to try and help me feel better.

He also loved to pretend like he was a gymnast while we watched the Olympics.  My favorite was when he would imitate the girl's floor exercises.  He would run all over the room and do funny poses and dances!

He makes us smile everyday.  While he has his fair share of meltdowns, we are completely happy with his good manners and friendliness.

He still loves to give hugs and never meets a stranger!

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