Monday, May 16, 2011

Picture Update!

 In Charlotte for Sister #5's birthday! (3-24-11)
 (Sister 1, 5, Me-2, 3, 6)

At Monkey Joe's!

Little Man acted scared of Monkey Joe, but proceeded to follow him all around!

Yes, I jumped in the crib with Little Man :)

Trip to Riverbanks Zoo (4-1-11)

19 months old! (4-19-11)

First Easter Egg Hunt! (4-23-11)

Easter Sunday 2011 (4-24-11)

At Old Navy...Little Man was amazed by the "doggie" and statues!

Relay for Life (5-6-11)

Mother's Day (5-8-11)

Hanging out on a hot day in the pool!

Another Haircut (5-11-11)

At Ray-Ray and Effie's for Effie's 80th birthday! (5-11-11)

Having fun around the house!


That's all for now :)


Cool Gal said...

Welcome back, Mama! I missed you.

Great pictures. "Little Man" is getting so big. Walking, or should I say, running, everywhere!

I can still see he's full of so much personality!

Happy Monday!

Emily said...

I love his suspenders!!!!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

What darling pictures! I was just checking your blog earlier thinking "where has she been?" Welcome back!

I'maNolaGirl said...

How adorable!!! I love little man's Easter outfit. And the picture of him sleeping with the bunny is priceless!!

KJJ Houston said...

missed you! love all the outfits :) xo

Sweet Carolina Girl said...

Such adorable pictures! I love all the outfits! Especially the one for Easter! Love it!

Shannon said...

He's growing...I can't believe it! Fun to catch up through pictures! Looks like all has been well! Keep me posted through emails, girl!


Fashion Meets Food said...

Loving all those pictures! You and your sisters are definitely very fashionable!