Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Resolutions Updates!

 I have yet to hang the list in my laundry room...and I am sure my update would sound a lot better if I had done that already!  I would be more aware of what my resolutions were in the first place...but I have had success with a few of them!

I am definitely more aware of when I am talking negatively about someone.  I usually catch myself and stop myself...or sometimes I explain why it is completely okay for me to talk about someone negatively when I am venting to my husband about why I may have had a bad day!  But I really want to cut those out too! :)

For being healthier, I did join a gym last Thursday, and I have worked out everyday since then!  They have childcare available, so it works out great!  I haven't done so well on the no caffeine/no carbonation part.  I think I am seriously addicted to soda! :(  Gotta work on that...just don't have the motivation.

My goal for reading books was at least one a month...and today I just finished my third book for the month of January!  I have tried cutting out more television and sticking to the books.  The books I have read are... 
1)The Dark Tide (got it awhile back for free on my Kindle, and my uncle told me it was good as well, and it was pretty good)
2) The Girl Who Played With Fire (still wanting to read the third book but it's too much on the Kindle and I am on the waiting list at the library...anyone want to mail me a copy?) :)
3) The Hangman's Daughter (It was pretty interesting, #1 in the Kindle store right now and only $3.99)

  In the volunteering department, I am delivering for Meals on Wheels every Monday!  Little Man comes with me, but he usually just stays in the car.  I have a route with 6 people on it, and I really enjoy doing it.  At my last stop today, the woman said, "God is going to bless you for what you are doing!"  So sweet! :)

We are spending less money, and we have noticed a difference in our bank account, but we have also had some unexpected bills that have reversed that process! Ugh!  I know that life will throw us curveballs, and I am thankful we do have enough saved to cover us when those times arise!

We are trying to spend more time as a couple as well.  We went to the movies to see True Grit (and I would definitely recommend it!)  Some of our friends can get us great deals on movie tickets with free popcorn and drinks, so we weren't breaking the bank.  We also had some noisy teenagers sitting behind us that were talking on their phones and throwing stuff...so when the mister went to complain we got free tickets for our next date night (and the kids were thrown out!)

The other resolutions are coming along as well...I hope I can keep this up through February! I'll keep you posted!

And here's a pic of Little Man (after having pooped in the bathtub, he was running around naked while the mister cleaned out the tub so we could start over!)



Cool Gal said...

Bwhaha...pooping in the bathtub. You just never know with "little ones."

Sounds to me like you are doing pretty well on your resolutions. I'm so happy to hear you are making time to go to the gym everyday. It's so good for the body and soul. :) Congrats on all the reading. I'm trying to read more, too. I didn't read quite as much as you, but what I have accomplished is good for me.

My main resolution is a bust. Failed miserably. BUT, my second most important one I'm doing much better at. Yay!

I hope you have a fantastic day!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Argh...that pooping in the tub age, so fun! (I could do without that stage).

Great job on the resolutions! Sadly, I didn't make any this year.

Shannon said...

Oh gosh! I consider myself so lucky that GG hasn't pooped in the tub...YET! That does crack me up! I think she's ready for potty training though because now she announces when she is "tee-teeing" or "pooping". Not sure about all this!

That is a hilarious picture of Little Man. Our kids are going to strangle us one day for all these pictures we posted when they are younger. Now their future boy/girlfriends won't have to look through photo albums just switch on the computer to see those embarrassing photos!

Hope you're having a great one!

Matthew Blake said...
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Kitchen Belleicious said...

How cute! I love his little pic. His hair reminds me of grants. So full. Love your list of resolutions so to speak. Hope you had a great weekend! Love ya