Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elle-10 months old... and an announcement!

 Elle is really on the move.  She crawls very fast, and pulls up on things and walks along them.

She loves to look at books.

She is very curious and excitable!  She loves to see new things.

She is trying to talk a lot!  She babbles all the time and really acts like she is talking.

She tries to say “thank you.”  She says, “Nah, nah” for night night.  “Bah, bah” for bye bye. She waves hello and good-bye.  She says, “Hey!” She still says Mama and Dada.  But she will babble lots of other things as well!

She is still a great sleeper and very happy.  We think she’s going through a growth spurt because her naps have been extra long the past few days.

She absolutely loves to be outside, but gets a little jumpy around loud noises, but calms down after she is used to them.

She loves to demolish her brother’s train table.

She loves to take baths, and Daddy always gives them to her.  When she hears the water running, she crawls as fast as she can to the tub and starts screaming, “Ahh! Ahh!” until Daddy puts her in.  She splashes and plays, and makes all kinds of fun noises while she’s in the tub.   When she gets out, she continues to kick her legs until she is safe in my arms.  She would never get out if she didn’t have to!

This is her face when I take away the bear!

I cannot believe she is 10 months old!! Time truly flies!

My little announcement is that we are excitedly expecting our third child!  We are due March 18th!  We are not finding out the gender this go round, because we already have one of each and this will be our last child!  We are so thankful for a healthy pregnancy, and after a rough many weeks during the first trimester, I am feeling much better.  I am 15 weeks as of yesterday! (But I'm really posting this late, so I'm now 17 weeks pregnant today!)


erica said...

Oh my gosh Elle is ADORABLE! I love all of these pictures! Congratulations on baby number three!!! You must be thrilled! The baby should be fabulous awesome since it'll be due on my birthday..lol. That's neat that you are not finding out the gender since you already have one of each. Hope you have a smooth pregnancy! xo

Sweet Carolina Girl said...

She is SO adorable! Congrats on your exciting news! :)

teacher girl said...

YAY for another cutest kid ever. Are you sure you want to stop at 3?!? You & the awesome Dukie make the cutest kids ever!!! She is a doll! LOVE your new design...xoxo

KG + RG said...

Can't wait til March!!

daphne {flip flops and pearls} said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I am so happy for you sweetie!

And my, how time has flown. Miss Elle has sure grown fast. She is just precious!

Have a great weekend,