Wednesday, April 25, 2012

E - 5 months old!

 Baby Girl is 5 months old today!

After being sick for so long last month, this past month, she has really been wonderful!

She has discovered her feet, and likes to play with them.

She loves to laugh and smile at her big brother.

She says, "Mama" occasionally when she is fussing.  Yes, I know it's not intentional, but it's music to my ears!

She loves to drink her formula.  She eats between 32 and 36 ounces a day!

She loves to sit and play anywhere.

She hasn't rolled over yet, but gets SO close!  It will be any day now!

She loves to make high pitch squeals like she's talking.  

She likes to pull my hair when I'm holding her.

She likes to hold my finger or pinch my arm when she's eating.

She lights up when her Daddy gets her attention.

She used to not like riding in the car, but she doesn't seem to mind it now!

She is a very happy girl!

So after she got sick and wasn't sleeping so well, she went back to sleeping well for a couple nights... but then started waking once or twice, and then it got to four or five times.  We did move her into the nursery a couple weeks ago, but still in her rock n play and still swaddled.  When she kept waking up 4-5 times a night just to be rocked and put back down, or sometimes staying up for an hour, we decided it was time to sleep train!

Our sleep training consisted of moving her into her crib, no more swaddling, and no more putting her down asleep.

So, tonight is the fifth night, and it is going great! The first night was the hardest, and it was awful! But the second night was much better.  Starting the second night, after crying, she fell asleep and slept the whole night.  She did wake a couple times, but put herself right back to sleep.  Last night, she slept from 7-5:10.  She woke up and played for about 45 minutes, and then I went in, changed her, fed her a bottle and laid her back down, and she slept until 8:35!  I'm so glad we did this.  We waited until six months with her brother, and we wished we had done it sooner.  She is taking pretty good naps too!  A couple cat naps in the morning, and a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.  

We are enjoying her so much, and she is the cutest thing in the world!  We constantly thank God for blessing us with our sweet baby girl!

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This is so nice darling! What do u say about following each other?:X