Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2 1/2 years old! (3/19/12)

 It's official! Little Man is 2 1/2 years old! This happened almost a month ago...but I've gotten pretty behind after the kids and I were sick for awhile!  We are all better now, and we are looking forward to a busy and fun summer!

Little Man is such a wonderful boy.  He is very independent, yet very sociable.  He loves to dance and sing, and he is the best big brother in the world! He loves his baby sister so much!

Here are photos from the day he turned 2 1/2:

This month he has done some really cute things:

One of our favorite places to eat right now is Moe's.  And if you have ever eaten there, you know that they say, "Welcome to Moe's!" whenever a new customer walks in the door.  Well, when we went to eat there the other week, we walked in, and before the staff had the chance to say anything, Little Man yells out, "Welcome to Moe's!"  Everyone laughed, and he continued to say it to every person he saw in the restaurant.  While I was filling up my drink, he climbed up in a booth with a man eating alone, and said, "Hey!"  He then proceeded to grab the salt and pepper shakers and pour it on the man's food!  I told him to stop, but the man didn't seem to mind. (Thank goodness!)

I also still watch him when he's taking naps and going to bed on the baby monitor.  He is usually telling his stuffed animals to go to time-out or to stop it, but sometimes he is really sweet.  One day he took his blanket and wrapped up his Eeyore and bunny and gave them hugs over and over.  Too sweet!

He still sleeps in his crib, but that will probably not last much longer.  Baby girl was taking a nap in my room, and Little Man had just woken up from his.  I needed to dry my hair.  I took my hairdryer to the bathroom next to Little Man's room and opened his door.  I asked him if he would stay in his crib while I dried my hair and he said yes.  I could hear him calling my name while I was drying my hair, and I would step out in the hallway and smile at him.  Well, near the end, I stopped looking at him, and the next thing I know, I hear, "Hey Mama!"  Little Man had climbed out and was standing right next to me!  He doesn't really try it unless he knows one of us is nearby we will try to keep him in the crib as long as we can! :)

Looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us in the coming months!

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