Monday, November 21, 2011

26 months old!

 So Little Man is now 26 months old...that means he's still growing, but it also means that his baby sister will be here within a week's time!  I do feel like I have been pregnant forever, but I am so blessed that this pregnancy has been healthy and that we will soon become a family of 4!

Little Man is the sweetest thing ever.  He cannot wait for baby sister to get here.  He still kisses my tummy, and he wants to hold every baby he sees.  When we put baby girl's car seat in my car a couple weeks ago, we started asking him, "Who's seat is that?" He gets really excited and answers, "Baby Sister's!"

When I was folding some of her clothes, he came over and said, "W's clothes!" and I said, "No, these are baby sister's clothes."  He picked up one of the outfits, hugged it, and said, "Awww!"

We do have our rough patches with Little Man.  He doesn't always like to listen, and we still use time out as a form of punishment.  He gets two minutes now, and it seems to work great.  We are also transitioning him into a new room.  We finally got his new room put together enough to move him in on Saturday, and it sure didn't go over as planned.  All day he was so excited about his new crib and new room.  When my husband put him down for the night, he was fine....until 30 minutes later.  He started wailing.  I went in after about 10 minutes and he said, "Old crib, old bed."  So we gave in (since it was the first night)...and let him sleep in his old room.  The next day, he went down fine for his nap in his new room and crib.  We decided to just not make a big deal over it.  Then at bedtime, the wailing started immediately after I put him down.  We decided we might be having another "cry-it-out" when he was 6 months old.  He did cry off and on for about 45 minutes, but then slept great and woke up happy.  He cried about 5 minutes at naptime, and then about 10 minutes tonight...but I think the transition is going to work.  Baby girl's nursery is getting painted tomorrow, so there is no hope for him going back to his old room!  

I know he is about to experience lots more change with a real little baby entering his life...and so are we! But I am going to try and stay calm and handle everything as stress-free as possible!  Keeping up a positive attitude is my main goal!

I forgot to take pictures on the "19th" this month.  I can't believe I let it slip my mind...but I did catch some pictures today...these were right before I took him to get his haircut (which he now is terrified of if I haven't mentioned that before).  Haircuts are worse than shots!!  He hates them.  I even let him sit in my lap, and brought his favorite snack and juice.  He did cooperate some when they gave him a spray water bottle to squirt in his own face, my face, and the hairdressers face...but I have assigned "Dada" to take him for his next cut!  I do have to say he does look mighty handsome after his cut!

The next post will probably be baby girl's birth announcement, so be on the lookout!  I am 4 cm and 80% effaced as of this it really could be anytime now!



Kerri Dunsworth said...

I'm so excited for you! I know W will be a great big brother. Congratulations! I can't wait to see your little girl.

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Yay!! Cannot wait! Met Abby's little man on Sunday, and can't wait to hold another little baby soon - YOURS! Sorry the haircuts are a pain - still haven't cut W's yet. P.S. Be on the look-out, I mailed you something yesterday. :)

Shannon said...

Oh wow, so exciting! He's as adorable as ever! Looking forward to seeing the pictures and update of the sweet lil' miss about to join your family!