Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2 years, 1 month old!

Today, Little Man is 25 months old!  I still say at least 10 times a day how wonderful and sweet he is.  I really wish I could freeze time!

As I write this, he is in his crib for nap time and he is singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to himself, with the sweetest voice imaginable.  Last night, he woke up after being asleep for an hour and sang all of "Jesus Loves Me," and it melted my heart!

He still knows no stranger.  His teacher during my bible study this morning told me that he has the cutest personality.  She said when they go to a different room for music where there are different teachers each week, he immediately gives them a hug and says "Hey!"  He truly loves people of all kinds!

I am also trying to prepare him for his baby sister!  Weeks ago, if I held a baby in front of him, he would get very jealous and hit me or try to hit the baby.  Well, he has a little girl in his preschool classes that is just a little over 1 year old named Makayla.  When my class is outside with his class on the playground, I will hold Makayla, and he will come over and give her hugs and kisses, and ask, "Hold her?"  So I sit him on the bench and put Makayla in his lap.  He LOVES to just hold her and kiss the back of her head and cheek.  I cannot wait to see him interact with his little sister when she 6 weeks or less!!

We had his two year check up on September 23rd, and he weighed 30 1/2 pounds and was 34 inches tall.  He is a growing boy!  He is still really picky with his food.  We pretty much have a rotation for lunches and dinners that consist of chicken nuggets (only certain kinds), waffles with a little bit of syrup, and bologna.  He is on a corn kick right now, but won't really eat any other veggies.  He loves lots of different fruits, so that is always a good thing.  He snacks on goldfish, raisins, fig newtons, and fruit gummies.  He also likes to eat dinner rolls.  For breakfast, he still eats baby food oatmeal because we have to crush up his biotin vitamin for his biotin deficiency and give that to him.  He loves to drink whole milk, and has a full glass with each meal.  He has his genetics yearly check-up next week, and I am eager to see what they think of him!! He is so smart and I can't wait to show off how much he knows in his developmental portion of his check-up.

He still knows all of his letters and sounds, and he can count to 15!  He sometimes still skips numbers 7 and 8 though.  We are working on his colors...and sometimes I think he is color blind, but I guess we'll have to keep working and see :)  He loves to color and write with pens and sidewalk chalk.

He loves puppy dogs!  He could play with dogs all day and be in heaven!  It is really making us want to get one soon, but with a little girl on the way, we are going to have to wait on that a little while longer!

Little Man is amazing and wonderful!  We are so blessed to have him in our lives!!


teacher girl said...

He is THE CUTEST kid ever!!! Seriously, loved all your descriptions of his talents, abilities, and personality. LOVE it all! I'm so excited for your growing family. Sounds like he will be the best big brother ever. I just hope he turns out to be a Duke fan like his dad!!! I'm keeping you all in my thoughts & anticipation for the new little one! xoxo

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Cannot believe how much he's grown! Can't wait to see him this weekend. Those puppy pics are soooo sweet! Still love them so much!!

Adrienne said...

He is so precious. I love all the pics with the dogs. He must have the gentle touch. Animals seem to run away from my niece she is a little rough.