Thursday, March 3, 2011

Playing Catch-Up!

Last weekend the mister and I had a MAJOR clean out of our house.  We have been talking about doing this for a LONG time, and I was hoping we would have it done by the end of February.  The first time we really had a chance to really get it done was last weekend...yes, the last weekend of February!

We knew we wouldn't really get the job done right with Little Man around, so we took him to the in-laws on Thursday night.  He would stay there until we came for him on Saturday evening!  I was in agony knowing that I was leaving my baby for two whole nights, and I was going to be at home!  His crib would be empty.  It would have been somewhat easier if we were going away on a fun vacation, but it was so hard just being at home cleaning out!  I had to take some pictures of him before we left him, and the mister had to take pictures of me practically crying as we were pulling out of his parents' driveway!

(Btw, I had just worked out before these pictures were taken!)

When we did walk in our door, the mister said, "Hey! At least we can be really loud!" and he went directly to a really creaky spot in our floor and walked over it a few times.  I screamed really loud, and said, "I would rather him be here then to be able to scream!"

We got an early start to cleaning out on Friday morning.  We literally went room by room, and completely cleaned out every nook and cranny.  No drawer left unopened, no space left untouched.  We wanted everything out that didn't have a purpose!  It was a tedious process, but we finished the whole downstairs after working from 7 in the morning until 11 that night.  We did take a break for meals, and a quick walk for me, but other than that it was full on clean out mode!

The next day, we tackled our FROG (Finished Room Over Garage).  I posted about it here.  So that's the before picture, and I will post the after picture after our big yard sale on Saturday.  We were so happy to go through everything, including our attic space and declutter our lives!  I now have space to set up a nice "Mama's Messages" work area upstairs!  I am currently thinking about how I want to arrange everything.  I really want to paint the room now, but that's probably too much to ask!  

We are having a yard sale this Saturday, and I really hope me make some money to buy organizational items and some bins for my work space!  We are hoping to sell a TV, bed, loveseat, chair and half with ottoman, Elliptical, the mister's guitar, lots and lots of clothes, shoes, some jewelry, and more!

In the midst of cleaning, we did find lots of hand-me-down neighbor baby clothes that we had boxed away because they were too big at the time, and now Little Man a new wardrobe!!  Some of our neighbors gave us Polo shirts in practically every color, and another neighbor gave us this cute elephant sweater vest! Score!

(This pic was taken in our closet, so you can see some of the organization!  Looks much neater than it did before!)

We actually finished a little earlier than we thought on Saturday (about an hour), and we met my in-laws for dinner to pick up Little Man.  It was SO wonderful to see him!! I know he had a great time with his Papa and Bippie, but the next time we do that, it better be because we are having a romantic getaway!

Happy Thursday Y'all!



Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

We SO need to do that too! I bet you feel great having everything all cleaned up and organized!

Cool Gal said...

I bet it feels great to get it all cleaned out and organized. Love that feeling!

Hope your yard sale goes well. Hopefully, you'll sell most of your stuff.

As hard as it is to leave the "little ones," it's good for the marriage. It's also good for the grandparents to have that extra special time. I bet he had a blast. :)

teacher girl said...

The pictures of you are SO sad!! :( I wanted to send a big hug from California after I looked at both of the pictures. Your little guy is adorable--as usual...I hope he has a blue devil onesie for this weekend!!! Best wishes on your yard sale!!!