Saturday, October 27, 2012

Elle-11 months old

 Only one more month before our sweet baby girl turns 1!  That is just unbelievable to me!

I do occasionally post pics on instagram if you are interested: annak82 :)

Here are her sweet 11 month photos:

Elle is babbling up a storm these days!  She really tries to talk, and also likes to pretend like most things she picks up are a phone.  She will hold it to her ear and just blab.

She absolutely loves her brother, and she will follow him into time out just to sit and watch him when he's in trouble.  She loves to climb on top of him when he's sitting in his blue chair and just sit right on top of him or beside him.  He's usually a pretty good sport about it, and he'll laugh at her.  

She has started getting a little separation anxiety.  When I leave her in the nursery at church, she really has to be entertained to keep her mind off of me while I'm gone, or she gets fussy.  As soon as she's back in my arms, she's her extremely happy self.

She is still walking along everything, furniture, the walls, and she has stood unassisted a couple times for a few seconds.  She can also walk okay while she's pushing something, but she hasn't taken any steps on her own yet!  I don't think it will be too long before she ventures a try!

Elle is the sweetest baby ever.  We love her and her brother, and her sister or brother to come!  We are so blessed.  (Right now, my husband is guessing girl, and I'm thinking boy.)  We had a great ultrasound but are still not finding out the gender until the baby arrives!  

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teacher girl said...

CUTEST kid ever...those eyes. SO pretty. Sorry, do you get sick of hearing it?!? I have NEVER seen a more photogenic/beautiful baby...and I seriously have never said that to anyone else. SO stinking adorable!!!!!