Monday, June 25, 2012

E - 7 months old!

 Baby Girl just turned 7 months old!

She is still the happiest and sweetest baby we know!

E loves to watch herself in the mirror--especially when she is standing up (with our help of course!)

She loves to hold her teething toys in just her gums without using her hands.

She has woken up twice on her stomach.  She cried for about 7 minutes and fell back asleep. (June 2)  Now... she rolls all over the place!  She still normally sleeps on her stomach, but when she wakes up, she can easily move to her back.  She always wakes up happy, and plays until we come to get her!  

We have started her on rice cereal.  She doesn’t always eat a lot of it, but she ate a good bowl on June 4.  Now... after about a week on rice cereal, we started veggies!  The first night she ate half a container of green beans.  She loved them!  By the third night, she ate the whole container.  Then, we moved to peas, and then squash.  She has gobbled up everything!  We will start her on fruits soon!  She is so funny to watch when she's eating.  I leave the spoon in her mouth while she sucks every last drop off!  She is still drinking 4 8 oz bottles a day, and I feed her the baby food right before her last bottle around 5:30.  

She is sleeping great.  She still takes 3 naps a day.  Each nap will be anywhere between 40 minutes-2 hours.  She goes down at 6:30, and sleeps til 6:30 or 7:15.  

She reaches for anything and everything, and puts it straight in her mouth!  She likes to try and get what we are eating or drinking.  She likes to take the remotes, or anything else that is within her reach.  W doesn’t like when she takes his Eeyore!

She makes lots of sounds.  She still squeals a lot, but also says, "Nanananana" and sometimes, "Mamama." 

We like to have dance parties at night before we put the kids down, and E has really started joining in on the fun.  She sits on the bed, and waves her hands in the air laughing!  

She sits up really well now, and we don't worry about her toppling over.  If she does fall over, it's usually on purpose!  She's either trying to get a toy or just wants to roll around. 

We love watching her grow, even though it's happening way too fast!

Thank you Lord for our precious baby girl!


Fashion Meets Food said...

7 months already! Oh my goodness time flies. She is absolutely adorable! xo

teacher girl said...

I honestly just told my sister...who LOVES babies to look at this post & that you have the cutest baby EVER!!! And then I told her I want to fly to South Carolina (& then up to NC too!!) and hold this sweet little angel!!!! just have the world's greatest genes...most adorable kids in the world!!!! Seriously, they could be baby models... :o)GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!!

Kasi said...

I found you blog and started following it because I too have a baby, she'll be 7 months tomorrow! :) But your sweet girl is so cute!!

KG + RG said...

Glad you updated! :) Jesus wanted a nap nap hahaha

Shannon said...

Oh my word! That hair---could she be any cuter! It's been forever A but just wanted to check in. I did just start a FB page a little while ago and would love to keep up with you. Friend me if you're on and we can keep track. I miss blogging but just don't have the time these days. FB is just so much easier to keep family and friends informed! Hope to catch up soon! (Shannon Yost Webb on FB)