Friday, May 25, 2012

E - 6 months old

My sweet baby girl is 6 months old!

This past month she started rolling over!  She can go both ways, but has a much harder time going from back to stomach.  

She is a beautiful baby, and her brother thinks so too!  I was getting her dressed for church one Sunday morning, and I put on her pink dress and a little pink bonnet.  When W saw her, he covered his mouth with his hands and said, "She's an angel!"

That same morning, I came out my room in a bright yellow dress, and he ran over to me, hugged my leg, and said, "Like your dress!"

Baby girl is doing great.  She still sleeps well, even though she may cry for a few minutes when we lay her down for naps.  It never lasts too long.

She is also sitting up great!  She still topples over some, but for the most part is doing very well.

She loves to play with her toys, and her big brother's toys.  He doesn't always like to share, but will usually pick out a truck that she can hold for a few minutes.

She is getting too big for her bathtub that goes over the sink, so we will soon move her to the big tub!  I think she will love it.  We are only bathing her twice a week right now.

You may notice her black eye in the pictures below!  She was in her swing a few days ago, and I handed her a silver rattle to play with.  A couple seconds later she started crying hard! I had never heard her cry like that.  I looked at her, and her eye was already bright blue! She bopped herself hard with the rattle :(  Needless to say, she won't be playing with that again.

At her six month check-up:
Weight: 19 pounds, 5 ounces
Height: 26 3/4 inches
Head: 17 1/2 inches
When I called my mom to give her the stats, she asked, "And what percentile for her cheeks?"  I laughed and said, "Off the charts!"

She is growing so fast, and she has so much personality! 

She is the happiest baby! Thank you Lord! :)

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